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Organic Palm Sugar

Organic palm sugar is usually used as a sweetener to replace granulated sugar. It has a distinctive caramel aroma with a sweet and delicious taste. This organic palm sugar comes from palm tree sap from direct farmers called penderes, processed in the traditional way without medicine, without chemicals, without dyes and without preservatives. You can also order the size of palm sugar granules according to your needs, the size of palm sugar granules in the image above using mesh 18.

Organic Palm Sugar Block

Organic Palm Sugar Blocks are made from palm sap extracted by farmers. This Organic Palm Sugar Block without the use of additives such as chemicals, farmers produce to organic standards. Through regular and sustainable guidance and assistance, farmers know how to produce organic and healthy Palm Sugar for consumption by the community. You can order the shape of the sugar block are according to your needs.

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The Processing Of Making Palm Sugar

The making of palm sugar begins with taking the sap from the palm tree, by hitting the stalk of the flower bunches from the base of the tree to the flower bunches, this process is carried out for one month aiming to smooth the path of the sap tree that will come out.

Entering the next stage, is tapping or the process of taking sap water from the tree. Palm trees that are ready to be tapped for their sap are characterized by a fragrant aroma. This process is carried out by farmers called Penderes, and done 2 times a day in the morning and evening, the result of the palm tree depends on the level of soil fertility and its treatment.

Cooking process for 4-5 hours while stirring occasionally so as not to burn. During this cooking process, the sap water will release foam which must be removed. So that when molding the sugar can harden, and not blacken.

After boiling for a while, the liquid sugar will slowly change color to a brown color. This liquid will also issue small explosions like magma.

The ready to mold sap can be identified by dissolving a small amount of cooked sap in cold clean water. If the sap freezes immediately, then the palm sugar is ready to be mold.

Next, the palm sugar that has frozen in the sugar mold, is left overnight to cool, then can be packaged. If palm sugar is packaged in hot condition, it will make the sugar moist and easy to mold.

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